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Sargon In Gematria Cuneform Illuminati


My name is Jay Pilon, I am the author of this blog and I wanted to say a special thanks for viewing my Gematria study! I appreciate all of the feedback and numerous warm wishes given by the readership. This blog receives over 100 visits a day, so to everyone that contributed over the years thank you!

For those of you unfamiliar with Gematria, or what the numbers mean, I wanted to post a detailed primer to get you started on your path toward understanding more about numerical patterns and their significance.  In the past few years the study of Gematria has really gained momentum. The lack of information on the study of this discipline is unfortunate, and rarely do I ever find any sources that give detailed descriptions of Gematria. What is Gematria? Where did it come from? How do we use Gematria? Why do names equal ‘whatever‘ value? What is the ‘mark of beast’? Most, if not all, sites will have no explanation, or in the worse case, a completely false narrative to provide fictitious answers!

I have been studying secular and biblical phrases and words for nearly 20 years now. My research into words that connect and have similar phonetics or numerical value has lead to some unique, but wonderful surprises.


In ancient tradition, scholars and sages sought to give a numerical value to the letters within their traditional alphabet. The letters constituting of any Greek word for example, can be converted into numbers, which can then be summed to give a numerical value for the word itself, a process which can be extended to phrases and passages of text or may also apply to the calendar year and the like.
In this way numerical connections between biblical and secular words and phrases have been discerned and studied for many generations, a practice known for Hebrew, as Gematria, and for Greek, Isopsephia.
There are a number of forms of Gematria tools which exist today, as the methods of Gematria calculation were NEVER relegated to only one system for study. For many Christian Gematrist, English is used to calculate a numerical pattern involving increments of six applied to the 26 letter alphabet. This practice is known, of course, as English Gematria.



Popular among many ancient peoples was the use of reading letters of an alphabet as numbers also, specifically this practice is believed to have begun in the ancient world of Mesopotamia, later this practice would come into use by the Greeks and then, around the same time, the Hebrews. One of the earliest known usage of Gematria occurred during the reign of Sargon II (Isaiah 20:1) between 722-705 B.C.  In the 8th century BC, Sargon II, an Assyrian king, whose name means “the true king”, ordered the construction of a palace in present day Khorsabad in northern Iraq. Šarru-kên “legitimate king”, reigned 722 – 705 BC)

According to a cuneiform inscription found at the palace, the length of Sargon’s grand palatial walls, of Dur-Sharukin (House of Sargon), were built 16,280 Assyrian units, which corresponded to the numerical value of Sargon’s name. The Mesopotamian scholars, or sages of Sargon‘s era, treated numbers as a sign of the divine interconnectivity between the natural world, which they thought to be guided by the manifestations of nature, and the supernatural world, which is hidden and mysterious.

Astrology of Sumerians

Babylonian Astrology Chart

These sages of the ancient world sought to determine the value created when adding the numeric designation of letters and words, thus creating the ‘true’ value or ‘quality’ of the spoken word or letter. In ancient Mesopotamia, for example, numbers came to identify the value of divinity that Sumerian and Babylonian gods held, each god given a numerical designation which defined their persona (true quality).

Eurocentric secularist describe numerous gods, or deities, from the ancient period as if cultures just randomly invented these figures on a whim! In reality ALL of these ancient figures were claimed to have literally existed sometime during pre-history, they were of course later incorporated into the mythologies and legends of numerous other cultures with certain attributes or characteristics of real living kings, or previous known heroes. Every single deified figure, or god, of the Greeks, Romans, Hindo, and Egyptians follows the same pattern. In time the gods, or deities, of one culture were just conflated so they could reappear under a different name for a different culture. Below take a look at the Biblical deity Ba’al Hadad, and the value of his name as assigned via the ancient Mesopotamians.

God Of Mesopotamia & Their Numerical Value


Hadad = 6

The Babylonian and Assyrian god Hadad was known to the Sumerians as Ishkur, and is often shown with a wheel, a lion-dragon or a bull. Hadad is the god of storms. He was designated with the number six.

Sumerian God = Iskur
Amorite God  = Baal Zephon
Akkadian God = Baal Ramman
Aramaic God  = Rimmon
Hittite God  = Teshub
Egyptian God = Set
Rigvedic God = Indra
Greek God    = Zeus
Roman God    = Jupiter
Pagan God    = Woten

From the view of the ancients, so too in Judaism, for example, numbers are viewed as an integral part of understanding the divine. A visible token between the concrete (that is the physical world or realm) and God (also the spiritual realm) is known as an OT, which is Hebrew for symbol or sign. Since numbers concern the concrete, the revelation of identical numerical values of words or phrases which bear relation to one another or to the significance of the numerical value reached when calculated is viewed as an Ot, or sign of the divine.  That is that numbers each hold a certain amount of significance and can demonstrate some interior quality of the word or phrase itself. This understanding of letters or words ascribes the numerical patterns demonstrated in Gematria to indicate importance.


The most common and well known example of Gematria is the Hebrew word Chai (“living”, Hebrew Hai) which is both a symbol and word meaning “life”. In English the word Chai is pronounced ‘hi’, as though one were offering a friendly salutation. The word Chai consists of the Hebrew letters Chet (het n) and Yod. Applying a set system of Jewish Gematria (“Ragil” the basic method or “Mispar gadol” the Great Number method) to the Hebrew letters Chet ( which is given a value of 8) and Yud  (which is given a value of 10) results in the calculated value of 18 or 10 + 8.

Hebrew Chai 18 Life gematria

As a result of  this Gematria find, the number eighteen is oft viewed as a positive sign or OT of “good luck”. In Judaism, the number 18 has come to represent the ‘good of things to come’, or “ life and good fortune‘. For this reason Jews oft wear charms or emblems which depict this popular symbol.


Falsehood Statement: The only method for Gematria use is Greek. = FASLE!

The ancient tradition of Gematria use, which assigns a numerological value to letters in an alphabet extends to all languages and has never been relegated to only one language. EVER! While Hebrew Gematria is the most known of this discipline, scholars consider Greek and Babylonian Gematria to predate it by many centuries. Babylonian Gematria is considered to date back to the 8th century B.C, where sages of the time employed a method of calculation seemingly based on increments of six and ten units, or measures, represented by the Sumerian cuneiform script.

The Assyrian form of Babylonian Gematria, seemingly based on larger increments of 210 each (the Gematria of the palace of Sargon = 16,280), likely correspond to the numerical pattern of smaller units of 6 and 10, by which is meant the formation of 10 Babylonian soldiers to 1 commander. If you were to utilize the number pattern of 210 for each letter in the English alphabet, you would find the correspondence to the ancient Gematria of Babylon, the name ‘Sargon’, for example, would thus equal 16,280. In English Gematria ‘Sargon’ equals 444. English Gematria system uses the patterns of 666, 888, 906, and 1110.

Sun Seal Illuminati Gematria Symbolism

A Magic Square Of Babylon

The Babylonians were thought to have employed a magic square of 111 x 6 to induce the powers of the cosmos to hex (Greek six, as in to create) or curse the forces of nature to submit to the will of a spiritual/symbolic Dragon/Saturn, preventing a spiritual attack of the air – demonic attack. By this magical incantation was developed the so-called Davidic Star, Sigilla Solis, and later the Philosopher’s Stone, all forms of ‘a magic hexagram’. Today users of the esoteric arts employ Magic Squares and Talismans called “Solomon’s Seals”, for Kabbalistic means and sometimes material gains with the numbers 60, and 66.

Solis Sun Seal 666 Illuminati

From textual evidence the practice of scholarly Gematria (Mystery School Gematria) is dated to around 70-200 CE, known as the Tannaic period.

For centuries Jewish scholars have used two forms of Gematria, the revealed form, a numeric form of hermeneutics which allows for the interpretation of the letters in a word according to their numerical value, and the mystic form, the search for the hidden meaning associated with every letter, word, and number.  It is estimated that by the 10th century over 1 million persons possessed the knowledge of Gematria and were extensively applying this method of interpretation to as many as 6 languages including Spanish and Greek.


Falsehood Statement: Gematria Is Jewish ONLY In Origin Invented In Israel = FALSE

Gematria (gimatria, Hebrew gematriya) is considered to be between three or five thousand years old system of applying numerical values to the letters of an alphabet for the purpose of finding identical numerical values to religious or secular words, names, and phrases.

Latin Gematria

It is speculated that the word Gematria derived from the order of the Greek
alphabet, gamma being the third letter (gamma plus tria). Another possibility
is that the word Gematria derived from the Greek word geometria (earth-measure or earth measurement) from which the English word “geometry” derives. According to S. L. MacGregor Mathers, an occult practitioner and one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the word Gematria is a metathesis, or grammatical revision, of the Greek word ’Grammateia’ meaning tabulation as to denote in an organized fashion. In either case, it is rather likely that both geometria, (geometry) and “gamma + tria” had an influence on the formation of the word.

Sumerian 60 & Time

An hour has 60 minutes and a minute has 60 seconds because the Sumerians used a base 60 counting system. The number pattern of inducing sixes is today called ‘hex-craft’, and was first introduced via ancient ‘Bawru’, home to Black tribes of ancient Summer living in Babylon, who claimed to have been taught complex mathematics from a group of antediluvian beings called Apkallu (Abgal). Sexagesimal (base 60) is the numerical system of 60. English Gematria utilizes a base of 6. The numerical designation of the Sun god Shamash was sometimes the number 60, while the diety Hadad was shown with the number 6.

Plimpton 322

“The tablet, known as Plimpton 322, was discovered in the early 1900s in southern Iraq and has long been of interest to scholars. It contains 60 numbers organized into 15 rows and four columns inscribed on a piece of clay about 5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It eventually entered the collection of George Arthur Plimpton, an American publisher, who later donated his collection to Columbia University.” – Kenneth Chang, New York Times

Artaxerxes II SUSA b

In the mythical origin of Gematria, the biblical King Nimrod (Gilgamesh) had established his authority in the land of Sumer, which was also known as ‘the land of the black head people’ – SUMERIAN Sa’gig’ga. These people, believed to be black Sumerians, (Bawru) developed all sciences and knowledge of the ancient world including arithmetic and geometry, as well as the discovery of the wheel and the formation of city-state government. These methods of civilization would later travel to the Egyptians, then Greeks, through the Chaldeans. In ancient texts the historians record various legends which state the Bawru learned of these advances from the Apkallu (also known as Seven Sages, or Earth Elohim), while Sumerian epics state these advances were taught to the Chaldeans from containers of knowledge called prsu (Sumerian MES, Akkadian NE/Parsu). Gnostics and Christians later viewed these ancient sages as ‘fallen angels’, while Alternative Historians claim these beings were ancient aliens.

“The Book of Enoch says that fallen angels brought mankind various types of knowledge that were not known up until that time. These included the making of swords and knives, shields and breastplates; the knowledge of metals and the working of them; making bracelets and ornaments and applying makeup; costly stones and coloring tinctures; enchantments and root cuttings; astrology, the constellations and clouds; the signs of the earth, sun and moon.” – Sharon K. Grossman

“It was Ham and his four Negro sons, Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan, who developed the world’s first industrious and sophisticated civilizations. They invented the wheel, math, the alphabet, astronomy, science, architect, navigation, irrigation, agriculturem sculpture and the textile industry; knowledge which was later transmitted to Greece and Rome.” – Dr. John L. Johnson

Babylon Gematria Illuminati

Sumerians created numerous maps of the stars and invented a form of Babylonian Gematria, based on units of 6 and 60, with larger increments of 210 each (which corresponded to the Sumerian military units of 10 soldiers to one commander).

“The stele indicates that Sumerian troops fought in phalanx formation,  organized six files deep with an eight-man front, a formation similar to that used later in Archaic Greece. The Sumerians used both the decimal and sexagesimal system based on multiples of six (they were the first to divide an hour into sixty minutes), and most probably, the organization of the army was based on multiples of 6, 60, 120, and so on.” – Happy W, Sumer To Sargon

This numerical system sought to find a ‘true persona’ or quality of a divine nature (kinship) between Kings and Elohim magistrates (also known as stars/angels, and gods/demigods). This sexagesimal system of Babylon represented the numerical equivalent of kingship, or the Gematria of his name, while a system that incorporated the number 5 was utilized for female consorts or feminine deities.


In Judaism the two primary methods for calculating the Hebrew alphabet are the Basic or Normal method, known as the “Ragil Method”, and the Great Number method, known as the “Mispar Gadol Method”.

Ragil Method

Applying the Ragil method to the twenty two letters in the Hebrew alphabet results in a numeric value of  1 to 10 consecutively for the first ten letters of the alphabet, while the next eight equal from 20 to 90 in intervals of ten, while the last four letters equal 100, 200, 300 and 400 respectively. The Mispar gadol method counts the final form of letters of the Hebrew alphabet as a continuation of the alphabet (500, 600, 700, 800, 900)


The English Gematria method of applying the number 6 to each letter of the alphabet was developed by J.R. Church, and was based on the 6 and 60 pattern of the Assyrian/Babylonian Gematria method.

English Gematria

The numbers of import for this system are 444, 666, 888, and 1110.

In ancient Mesopotamia, for example, numbers came to identify the value of divinity that Sumerian and Babylonian gods held, each god (Earthly Elohim) given a numerical designation which defined their persona (true quality). This is why the English phrase ‘A Gilgames’ as well as ‘A Nimrod’ are equal to 444 in English Gematria – it signifies their ability to rule as ‘true kings’, and why in Babylonian Gematria the legitimate king ‘Sargon’ is equal to 16,280, while in English Gematria his name is equal to 444.

Number 444

The number 444, in English Gematria can best be associated to things related to: ruling authority, kingship, and things or phrases of ‘goodness’, might, or power. 444 is found in various other words or phrases, however, the interpretation of this number is that it usually coincides with things of an authentic ruling nature, an extreme power, or a hidden knowledge. The number 400 appears in 15 Biblical verses, but nowhere is there a mention of the number 444.

If you applied the increments of 210 to each letter of the English Alphabet (A = 210, B = 420, C= 630) you will reach the same result that King Sargon II discovered. This pattern of 444 in English and 16,280 in Babylonian represent a ‘true quality’ of divine right to rule. Which is why so many ancient texts ask the following question: “Who is like the king?, Whose name means king?”, Who was born with the name king?” These questions refer to the Gematria of the name of the king, which of course is symbolic of his ‘divine right’ to rule a nation. In the ancient tradition it was Elohim, or gods, which passed down the right to rule, allocated to a leader they saw as worthy of kinship, these were the anointed ones. Thus the Hebrews were anointed to be king. The Seven Sages of Mesopotamia – The Apkullas, were fish-like. These fish-like beings named the heir of the kingdoms their fish. Thus this term came to be used by the ancient Hebrews who referred to their heirs as ‘fish’. The names of Lucifer as well as Jesus in English Gematria are equal to 444, while in Sumerian/Babylonian these are equal to 16,280. The name Lucifer means ‘bearer of light’, while it also is symbolic of an angel of light (Venus/stars) which are symbolic of ‘princes of light’. Rulers and kings – The Kingship – the name Lucifer is a kinship name of a prince. The name Jesus is the kinship of The Supreme God, our Heavenly Father. The TRUE KING is Christ. While the Earthly kings, appointed by ‘divine right’ are the magistrates by anointed approval under the Christian conception.

Number 444 In English Gematria

Hand Of God
The King
The Key
The Lock
Code of God
God And A Man
Called Up

Apkallu = 444 In English Gematria

Chai Of Life = 444 (Meaning Life of Life)
Ab Of Life = 444 (Meaning Father Of Life)
Echad Sum = 444 (Meaning One Sum)
Hid Sum = 444 (Meaning of Gematria Encoded)
Elemiah Ab = 444 (Meaning Is An Angelic Name)
Aba + Bat + Gimel = 444 (The Holy Trinity)
A Ben Gomel = 444 (A Son Abundant Giver)
En Ab Gomel = 444 (Abundant Giving Lord Father)
A Perfect = 444 (Meaning of Perfected Condition)
A Hai + A Love = 444 (Meaning of a Life and Love)

Five (Chumash, Humash, xumas, Homesh, Hamesh) Hamisha Humshei “five fiths of the law”.  A Chumash = 444 (A Fifth)

Wisdom (Chokmah, Sophia, Hokmot) Shekhinah “the Glory of God”, an expression of femininity and God. Sophia + Abba = 444 (Wisdom And Father)

Neh 3:18 After him repaired their brethren, Bavai the son of Henadad, the ruler of the half part of Keilah. (A Bavvay = 444 ( A Ruler of Persian Origin, A Restorer)


A Greek Code              = 444
A Number                   = 444
A Perfect                     = 444
A Tetra-Ha                  = 444
Code Of God               = 444
English                        = 444
Gematria                    = 444
Hand Of God              = 444
Jinn Code                   = 444
Mene Mene                = 444
Ot Of Hai                   = 444
Read Codes                = 444
The Key                      = 444
The Lock                    = 444


A Billion
Aragorn (Lord of Rings King That Represents The Legitimate King of Series)
Final Jihad
Gate + Key
I Am A Lion
Real Death
The Box
The Dream
The Help
The Hill
Zoran (Hebrew word meaning Silicon)

Number 666

The number 666, in English Gematria can best be associated to things related to: mankind, stubbornness, falsehoods, lies, and hexcraft, or things or phrases of ‘evil, and either a willful display of manipulative tendency or capable of creating a man/beast calculation. 666 is found in various other words or phrases, however, the interpretation of this number is that it usually coincides with things of humanity, sinful or corrupt nature. The number 666 appears in 4 Biblical verses, most important of which is: Revelation 13:18 Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.




Owl Of Illuminati – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

The Illuminati Owl The Bavarian Illuminati


In the 1780’s Adam Weishaupt was a professor of philosophy at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. The institution was operated by Jesuits, and the professors were clerical, all except for Weishaupt. With the Jesuit controls over university courses in place, Weishaupt plotted to secretly introduce Enlightenment era thinking and teachings to the students. He planned to develop a strict course of rites and mystery school rituals that could be conducted through the faculty, as long as each member adhered to a set of ideas, concepts, and gnosis which only Weishaupt approved and distributed.
The mystery school program he was developing would become known as ‘The Illuminati”.

Bavarian Illuminati Adam Weishaupt Book


Inspired by the secret society groups of his era, and with the intention of subverting the education system from within, Wesihaupt founded the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.

The goal of the Bavarian Illuminati became to covertly recruit and install as many professors, staff, and students in the European education system as possible, who would thus repeat concepts that Weishaupt alone held. Obedience to their master of the Illuminati was critical for all members of this secret society to observe.

The Bavarian Illuminati was organized like a complex spy organization, papers were distributed to students in secret meetings or hand offs, and group members were unaware of one another. Weishaupt was fascinated by occult rituals and mystery school levels, or grades, where he believed hidden secrets could become revealed, and so Weishaupt attempted to gain access to other societies, such as the Free Masons.

By the 1780s the Illuminati had attracted some 650 members. The group required the payment of dues, and numerous rich and highly successful persons of the era became  members, including a number of Jesuits. By the 1780s the organization was still under construction, as Weishaupt sought to reveal the upper tier secrets of Masonry, and include those levels in his Illuminati grades. During this era the long standing rule for Masons, was that individuals gathered in Masonic Halls would refrain from the discussion of politics or religion. However, the secret society groups and clubs of Europe provided the ample recruiting grounds that Weishaupt and his Illuminati guild were seeking. Illuminati members spoke ‘openly‘ in clubs about the need for changes in the education system and their grievances with the Church. This behavior sparked an uproar amongst the Masons and other groups who reported on the activities of the Illuminati to the Church.

“…even within our midst did we find many a Judas Iscariot…” – Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati (1787)


On an errand through the countryside, and with papers that detailed the goals of the Illuminati in hand, Weishaupt and members of the society were accused of trying to derail society and were ousted from Bavaria. Panic struck numerous communities who learned of the Illuminati, and the charges of conspiracy were lauded toward Weishaupt and any Illuminati followers. Fears that the Illuminati were behind revolutions such as the French and American Revolutions grew, and authors of the day began to research the depth of Illuminati activities.

“When Priest Lanz was slain on his way to Silesia, in Regensburg at Weishaupt’s side by lightning; this was regarded as a judgment of God; they sought to hand over his papers, which, apart from the well-known memorandum, contained nothing of the slightest importance; a separate commission was made after his place of residence, forced
to preserve his other writings; he was said to have been an Order Bishop, and had gone to Silesia as a religious command.” – Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati (1786)


Originally, Weishaupt did not see anything wrong with creating a secretive network of Masonic spies, essentially capable of disrupting society – and hidden within places of authority. The government of Bavaria, however, was alarmed and outraged, they quickly outlawed all Illuminati, vowing to execute members who practiced or inducted anyone into their circle. Weishaupt became upset with the numerous charges of conspiracy, even in his time he was labeled a ‘villain’, so he set about to write numerous volumes to explain the Illuminati, comparing his dealings to the plight of early Christians, and modern Free Masons.

Adam Weishaupt On Christians

“They accused them, as can be seen in the Apologies of Justinus, Athenagoras, and other Church Fathers, of secret attacks on the state, of the gods’ denial, of the bloodshed, and of every sexual intercourse in their secret competencies, even the murder of children, and the enjoyment of the flesh of men and the deceased. They deduced this from the simplicity of their worship, from the slander and lie from the secular toward the kingdom of Christ, from among them the usual name of sister and brother, the agapes, and the misunderstood enjoyment of the body of the Lord. And thusly the Christians were persecuted; the bitterest fates were from this time on their appointed share.” – Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati (1786)

Adam Weishaupt On Free Masons

“When Freemasonry became acquainted with the first meal, it was impossible to understand in the barbarism of the period how it was possible to unite secretly without betraying a state, to bear dangerous attacks, to make a covenant with the Devil, to deny religion, or to promote prophecies and all kinds of fornication. Here, too, were found similar slanderous monsters, who gave their defamation the necessary mark of truth, and Freemasonry was pursued.” – Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati (1786)


The Bavarian Illuminati was put to an end, leaving some 2,000 members stranded, and a distraught Weishaupt, likely filled with guilt, is claimed to have renounced secret societies altogether, eventually helping to build a church in Gotha before his death.

“His numerous apologetic writings failed to exonerate either the order or himself. Being now the head of a numerous family, his views on religious and political matters grew more sober. After 1787 he renounced all active connexion with secret societies, and again drew near to the Church, displaying remarkable zeal in the building of the Catholic church at Gotha. he died on 18 November, 1830, “reconciled with the Catholic Church, which, as a youthful professor, he had doomed to death and destruction”–as the chronicle of the Catholic parish in Gotha relates.” – Catholic Encyclopedia


The Illuminati had received such wide spread fame throughout numerous secret societies in and around Europe, eventually weaving its legend through the United States.

The 1800’s “Illuminati Panic“, prompted via the Churches of Europe, and fueled by the theorist of the US and France, were given proclamation of warning to their congregation – the possibilities of a ‘hidden Illuminati’, still continued, lurking in shadow government and elite circles, more covert and deadly than before. Theorist of this era speculated that this new Post-Illuminati was funded via the banking empires of the Oppenheimer’s and Rothschild’s.

“The Rothschild’s had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati, and it is known that a least one of the sons of Amsel was a member. As the reader remembers, Amsel placed his sons in the major European capitals, where they each set up the principal banking houses. By their own secret intelligence service and their own news network they could outmaneuver any European government. The large amounts of voluminous correspondence by Rothschild couriers attracted attention, but no one ever stopped their personal intelligence and mail services. After the Bavarian Illuminati were exposed, the central occult power over the European secret societies shifted to Carbonarism a.k.a. the Alta Vendita, led by another powerful Rothschild, Karl Rothschild, son of Amschel.” – Bloodlines of the Illuminati

George Washington Illuminati Masonic

President George Washington stated that he knew the Illuminati were active in the US, however, he felt that the societies of Masonry in his era would not succumb to the ideals of hidden agendas, or covert application. He believed that the Masonic halls of early America were loyal to the ideals of justice, and freedom – rather than subterfuge and collusion.


“It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.
The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation).” – President George Washington, (1798)

Washington was optimistic regarding the Illuminati. They were in the US, but not operating at a capacity capable to disrupt American lodges, nor propagandize the newly forming Republic. Was this belief naïve on behalf of the President? The theorist of early America believed so.

The Bavarian authorities kept secret many of the names found in the original writings of the Illuminati – on purpose – out of fear of the repercussions, while the Illuminati themselves, in correspondences, would frequently only give an alias or initials and leave us with very little else to go on. Some, but not all, of the missing names have since been identified – Conspiracy Archive

Analysis Of Adam Weishaupt

What can we glean in regards to Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati? Were his goals of creating a secular world order even obtainable? Or were they more likely the fantasies of a jilted professor whose career under the Jesuit Education system had floundered, stymied – or been overlooked? Was the Illuminati really born out of a jealous need for self gratification, or merely a concealed grudge? Weishaupt was certainly inspired by the occult, by the philosophies of the ancients, and through the mystery religions of his day. This grand conception he birthed, THE ILLUMINTI, the ideals and matter of subterfuge with which the Illuminati behaved, his zeal for secretive protocol and control left behind, long after his death, still haunting the world with the prospect of hidden apostasy and the aim of a New World Order. Weishaupt had essentially opened Pandora’s Box, creating a chaotic nightmare in the process, unable to ever redeem himself before, or after death.

Devil Hand Sign Owl Horn Trump Illuminati

At Left A Secret Society – The Bohemian Grove Club – Whose Member Is Making A Toast Using The Devil Hand Sign – ‘The Horned Owl’ – At Right Satanist, Rockers, And Trump


Placed in position of authority on matters of history and education, Eurocentric Secularist have always been utilized as ‘useful fools’, by those in upper tier positions of power. The elite are inclined to hold strange occult and spiritual beliefs, contrary to the message of Christ, and oft conduct themselves in unison with secret rituals or rites. Whenever the demonic exploits of the elite are exposed it is the job of the Eurocentric Secularist to gloss over and omit from history these facts. Such is the case of the genocide committed during the so-called French Revolution, an era of unprecedented evil towards the truth seekers in 1780s France during what is known as the reign of secular terror.

I will never cease to repeat that The [French] Revolution has come from Masonry and.. the Illuminati” – Alloys Hoffman, Vienna Journal (1793)

Jacobins Club Slaughter Innocent


Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice; it is thus an emanation of virtue; it is less a principle in itself, than a consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing needs of the patrie.” – Maximilien Robespierre, Jacobins Club


In English Gematria ‘Jacobins Club’ equals 666. The Jacobins Club, whose leaders held positions within French secret society, were building upon the Cult of Evil, an ideology of corruption and twisting of the moral obligations of true Christian values as espoused via the Biblical Christ. The role of the Post Illuminati was to deny Christ, install a secularist base of ‘free educators’ through which they may cull the populace via the ‘art of omission’, demoralize men, and eventually compromise all religions from within to form a secularist utopia – New World Order. This goal was set about to be accomplished via the financial backing of European Masonry.

“The New World Order as envisioned by the Elite is hardly a recent undertaking. Theirs is a philosophy rooted in ancient occult traditions. Success is near, and the infiltration of society by New Age occultism is the reason for this success. The New World Order has never been solely about world government, rather, from the beginning its proponents have been privy to secret doctrines and it is a spiritual plan more than anything.” – Terry Melanson

During the 1780’s social unrest had begun to stir amongst a minority of the upper elite within Europe. Social clubs and Secret Society groups had become a burgeoning means for both the rich and upper middle class to gather and discuss their opposition to their government and hatred of morality. A political minded secret society known as the Jacobins emerged as the power brokers of French dissolution, and after forming a pact between the neo-Atheist and Eurocentric Secularist of their day, set about to terrorize members of the clergy, heads of state, and the vast swaths of innocents caught in the cross fire of the so-called “French Revolution” – a massacre against people of faith.

“Why did it take place? Because a people was chosen to be liquidated on account of their religious faith. Today we demand a law officially declaring it as a genocide; we demand a statement from the president; and recognition by the United Nations.” – Philippe de Villiers, MPF Party

Led by a deist ‘freethinker’, Maximilien Robespierre, Jacobins were the precursor to the vile Nazi SS. Members of the Church were brutalized under the Jacobins, including nuns who were beaten and raped. Children were starved to death and removed from their homes. Poor farmers and shop keepers were executed, while truth seekers were sent to the guillotine. Numerous homes were subjected to warrantless searches and fathers were either thrown into overcrowded prisons, tortured, or round up and shot in large numbers. These were the virtues of ‘enlightenment’ and the product of Eurocentric Secularist thinking.

“Let’s make terror the order of the day!” – Bertrand Barere, Committee of Public Safety, Free Mason

Robespierre, like Nazi Germany, was a proponent of burning books and concealing knowledge. His deplorable group of terrorist were in favor of killing and targeting any opposition to their way of thinking, and thusly created the ‘Committee of Public Safety’, a police state protocol for the swift deliverance of prison sentences and speedy executions. All women were subjected to wear a tri colored ribbon, those seen without one were subject to harassment or possible execution. The Nazi party would later adopt this ribbon concept for the Jews. The Committee mostly targeted truth seeking individuals and Christians, and the number of those executed via the Jacobins in Paris and around France is roughly 40,000. Numerous Christians would have their homes and funds taken from them and given over to the Secularist. The complete death toll of the so-called Revolution is estimated at over 1,000,000. While poor peasant Christians were the specific target of the massacre of Vendéeans, resulting in the deaths of 170,000.

“Historians believe that around 170,000 Vendéeans were killed in the peasant war and the subsequent massacres – and around 5,000 in the noyades.” – Telegraph UK


The Jacobins set about to establish enemies in the public mind, their target was the Christians, who they blamed for poor social inequality, and the hoarding of wealth – the SAME page from the rule book of later Nazi propaganda. Neo-Atheist of the era wished to rationalize the horrors of the Jacobins and held no sympathy toward the plight of the innocent, protocol later used to dehumanize the Jews in Nazi Germany. Today Eurocentric Secularist rationalize the atrocities committed via the Jacobins, in part by omitting the truth from History, as well as proclaiming these atrocities were somehow merited because the Church ‘had it coming’. In reality any terrors committed against any persons is an abomination to man and God. It is unacceptable and inexcusable in any era and goes against the principles of Christ.

“It’s the rare case of a people rising up for religious reasons. They did not rebel because they were hungry, but because their priests were being killed, it is my burden – and my great honour – to defend the Vendée to the end of my days. The Vendée is not just a province of France, it is a province of the spirit. If today we enjoy the freedom to worship the way we choose, it is largely down to the sacrifice of those who died here.” – Philippe de Villiers, MPF Deputy

Signs Of The Illuminati Occult Symbols


In the modern vernacular the use of the term ‘Illuminati symbolism’ encompasses the entire spectrum of esoteric and occult ideals which are displayed as a commonly recurring device (hidden narrative), or motif which originated within the secretive mystery schools or secret society. After the fall of the Bavarian Illuminati, a new crop of secret societies would appear that would encompass numerous hidden ideals that were born from the Illuminati, and European Masonry.

Below is source from the Conspiracy Archive:

Nearly all of the founding members of the Mainz Jacobins were initiates of the Illuminati, and in addition to Mathias Metternich and Anton Josef Dorsch, we can list the following:

  1. Felix Anton Blau (1754-1798)
  2. Johann Christoph Blessmann (1760-1836)
  3. Johann Georg Wilhelm Böhmer (1761-1839)
  4. Johann Adam Caprano (1760-1800)
  5. Franz Anton Chambion (1754-1822)
  6. Johann Heinrich Rudolf Eickemeyer (1753-1825)
  7. Andreas Josef Christian Hofmann (1752-1849)
  8. Johann Stephan Köhler (1733-1815)
  9. Johann Adam Lang (1752-1790)
  10. Franz Konrad Macké (1756-1844)
  11. Johann Georg Nimis (1754-1811)
  12. Johann Valentin Schumann (1733-1803)
  13. Lorenz Schweickhard (b. 1768)
  14. Friedrich Joseph Stumme
  15. Adam Umpfenbach (b. 1748)

There can be no doubt that the Illuminati operated within the French secret scenes during the so-called French Revolution, and the topic of this was detailed in numerous volumes created during that era, while discoveries of previously unreleased Illuminati material are still being brought to light, despite the wishes of Eurocentric Secularist.


Las Vegas Massacre – Gematria Study

Stephen Paddock Vegas Shooting Illuminati


Stephen Paddock, a 64 year retiree, is claimed to have possessed 23 guns which he used to open fire on the 22,000 crowd of the Route 91 Country Festival from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, near the Luxor Pyramid.

The attack occurred during a Jason Aldean country song on Sunday, October 1 2017 at around 10 pm. The attack lasted for approximately 6 minutes leaving 60 people dead, including the shooter, and 527 people injured. Amateur videos uploaded to YouTube, seem to show muzzle flashes from a window on floor 6 of the Mandalay Bay.

According to Fox News, Paddock had 23 guns in his hotel room. Police later searched his home in Mesquite, Nevada and claimed to have found an additional 19 firearms for the grand esoteric total of 42 firearms.


According to the Chicago Times, Patrick Paddock, the father of Stephen Paddock was arrested in his 30s for robbing a Valley National Bank in Phoenix Arizona in 1960. At the time he was living in Tucson with his wife and four kids after escaping with over $4,600 in stolen money. He was added to the FBI 10 most wanted fugitives list in 1969.

Between reports in TIME and ABC News, Las Vegas Police have ruled out the possibility of any other suspects almost immediately following the massacre. This despite claims from the amateur videos, and an eye witness who claimed two people warned the crowd of impending doom 45 minutes prior to shooting.

“they’re all around…you’re all going to f***ing die today,”

Witness Brianna Hendricks stated that 45 minutes before the shooting a Hispanic couple were shouting that “we’re all going to (expletive) die tonight!”. Hendricks stated to KSNV, NBC Las Vegas affiliate that a pair of ‘regular looking’ people were telling concert goers that they would be killed, prior to being escorted away by security.

“Any reasonable law-enforcement group investigating this mass shooting would certainly keep its options open, regarding other perpetrators. But that is not what is happening here. The books are closed on this case. There is no going back. The desired result has been achieved. One shooter, mass killings. End of story. Objective achieved.

That rush to judgment and “closure” is also a prime feature of the false flag. It has to be.” – Jon Rappoport

Tom Petty Route 91 Hugh Hefner Illuminati


Route 91 Country Festival, just four days prior Hugh Marston Hefner, born 4/9/1926 died at age 91. The News reported that rock legend Tom Petty, Age 66, also died October 2, 2017. The concert was called Route 91, while the number 66 has been covered extensively on this blog in regards to Route 66.


Eurocentric Zionist Hayley Getman-Gold, a CBS executive, expressed her delight that a massacre event was conducted that she felt targeted country music fans.

“I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are republican gun toters.” – Hayley Getman-Gold, former CBS exec

In 2017 CBS Star Trek Discovery writers have twitted a number of messages which are derogatory and inclined toward Religious bigotry.


The presence of occult numerology and esoteric symbolism in this horrific event is evident in abundance. The shooter was allegedly in room 132 while shooting from the 32nd floor, surrounded by 23 guns. The shooting happened for approximately 6 minutes from a 64 year old whose death would bring the total dead to 60. Shortly after the massacre, ABC and other news outlets were covering the death of 66 year old rock legend Tom Petty. The 91 event was called a ‘festival’ and took place near a pyramid on the anniversary of the Bolshevik uprising. The number 60 in Gematria is always linked to the words ‘slaughter’, while in ancient times the number 60 was linked to the Babylonian sun god Shamash.

Stephen Paddock = 66 (In Reverse Gematria) 60 (Full Gematria)

The following Gematria numbers concern the October 1st shooting

S.Paddock Of FBI = 666
A CIA Aided A S.Paddock = 666

A FBI Staged A S.Paddock = 888
S.Paddock A FBI Actor = 888
S.Paddock An CIA Agent = 888
Paddock A CIA Sleeper = 888
S.Paddock + CIA Handler = 888
A CIA Black OP + A S.Paddock = 888
CIA Shot S.Paddock = 888
A CIA + A FBI Behind A S.Paddock = 888
CIA Framed An S.Paddock = 888
A S.Paddock + CIA Trance = 888

S.Paddock Of CIA Handle = 906
Paddock An CIA False Flag = 906

S.Paddock An Monarch MK = 1110
A S.Paddock Drugged By A FBI = 1110
CIA’s Sleeper S.Paddock = 1110
A CIA Covert An S.Paddock = 1110
A S.Paddock CIA Mission = 1110
A S.Paddock Media An A FBI Lie = 444 1110
Two S.Paddocks Of A CIA = 1110
FBI Stage A S.Paddock Gun = 1110
A S.Paddock Tricked by A CIA = 1110
S.Paddock An CIA Fall Guy = 1110
S.Paddock A CIA/FBI Patsy = 1110
A S.Paddock A Victim Of CIA = 1110
CIA’s S.Paddock Acted Alone = 1110
Paddock An Split Mind = 1110
FBI Brain Wash S.Paddock = 1110
A False Stephen Paddock = 1110
Stephen Paddock Handle = 1110
MK Ultra An A S.Paddock = 1110

A Mandalay Bay An A Agenda = 888
A Mandalay Bay Hoax = 888
Mandalay Bay An CIA MCE = 888
A Mandalay Bay + A Deep FBI = 888

A CIA Fire + Mandalay Bay = 906

Mandalay Bay And Killer = 1110
Mandalay Bay CIA + S.Paddock = 1110
Mandalay Bay False Flag + FBI = 1110
Mandalay Bay of A Deadly CIA = 1110
Mandalay Bay CIA + FBI Attack = 1110

London On September 23, 2017 – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

London Acid Attack 23

A London Acid Attack = 888

On September 23, 2017 several reports using ‘hex-craft’ were utilized in the media in regards to the outbreak of acid attacks in the UK. Twitter handler kev667 reported that the attacks broke out in London in a shopping center, where a culprit was spraying victims with acid.  Officers were called just before 8pm on Saturday to Stratford, near Olympic Park, to reports that six people had been injured. If this attack is found to be terrorist related it would be the sixth terror attack in the UK in 2017.

The UK has some of the toughest gun laws in the world. With guns hard for most criminals in the UK to obtain, other weapons such as their vehicles, knifes, and acid have become weapons of choice for harming or killing in the UK.

“In the United States, you can declare that it is your constitutional right to bear arms. But in the UK, you need to spend hours filling in paperwork and proving to police officers that you are not a danger to society. The system is administered by police forces in each part of the UK and in England, Scotland and Wales there are separate licenses for shotguns and for other firearms.” – BBC NEWS

The attack in London takes place on a number 23 date and includes the numbers 6 and 8 in each report. Such attacks have grown in recent years in Europe.  In English Gematria the phrase ‘A London Acid Attack’ = 888.


The first event took place on March 22, 2017, when Khalid Masood, born Adrian Elms, drove a car into people on the Westminster Bridge which resulted in the occult Gematria of SIX persons dead, including the killer.

The second attacks took place on May 22, 2017, when a large explosion caused by Salmen Abedi, took place at an Ariana Grande concert. In that attack 22 people were killed and 250 injured, had a critically wounded person not survived this horrible event the death toll number would have been an occult pattern 23 dead.

The third attack occurred on June 3, 2017 – The London Bridge Attack, which was carried out with 8 people killed, and 48 injured, when a white van drove at high speed across the bridge.

In the fourth attack, on June 19, 2017, a van was used to run over 11 people near a Mosque in London, one person was killed.

In the fifth attack, on September 15, 2017, a London tube train was targeted, where flash bombs were said to have injured 30 people.

The number of deaths in these six incidents equals 37.

“In one recent incident, Carla Whitlock, a 37-year-old mother of six, suffered serious burns after she was attacked with acid in Guildhall Square, Southampton, on 18 September.” – The Guardian


Prayers and condolences to the families and victims of these attacks. For Christians, we as believers can come together to rebuke the enemy and pray for safety over the nations.

Ephesians 6:12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.




Big Oil & The End Of The World – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Oil Comes From Dinosaurs


In school we were taught that oil was formed from the remains of dinosaurs (some weighing several tons) that lived millions of years ago and were covered up by layers of mud at their demise; through heat, pressure, and time, their decay led to the ‘fossil fuels’ of today.

Back then dinosaurs had lengthy names that every kid in class could pronounce, they drug their long tails across the surface of the Earth, and they were always shades of green and grey, because as we were told, dinosaurs are the same as giant lizards. This we KNEW to be true.

Plastic Dinosuars Are Real Dinosaurs

“No, oil doesn’t come from dinosaurs. It’s a persistent myth and I’m asked about it a lot. You may have heard this idea in school, read it in books, or taken it on authority from learned persons holding forth about the nature of our planet. Recently, an Internet meme has been bouncing around that shows a collection of small dinosaur toys. The overprinting reads, “If oil is made from decomposed dinosaurs, and plastic is made from oil, are dinosaur toys made from real dinosaurs?” It’s a fun idea, but no.” – Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, Why Dinosaurs Matter


Over time many concepts once supported as ‘fact‘ are now considered fiction.

Contrary to what many once believed, fossil fuels, we are now told, are not formed from large dinosaur bones. According to the modern construct, crude oil was formed from trillions and trillions of tiny organisms, including ancient plankton, that in decay were buried deep into sediment where the organisms were cooked via heat and pressure – forming oil. The word “petroleum” means “rock oil” or “oil from the earth.”

“My definitive answer: Exactly zero dinosaurs went into any random barrel of crude going in a refinery today. Current widely accepted theory says that it is actually the collected biomass of algae and microorganisms that contributed to the liquefaction and gasification of the pools of hydrocarbons from which we have drawn oil and natural gas for the past two odd centuries.” – Dan Teodor, M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Texas A&M University (1997)

Mad Max Illuminati Oil


In the 1970’s many oil forecasters predicted a global oil shortage with complete oil exhaustion to occur in 30 years time, this based on “then-proven” oil reserve figures. The year 2000, it was claimed, by ESSO, would see “Oil to become increasingly scarce..” Dire predictions of the end of civilization were common. Back then the media informed us that the world could end in the year 2000, from the shortage of oil – or an ice age. In 1979, the dystopian film ‘Mad Max’ painted a vivid, if hellish, portrait of a future in which motorist fight and kill over scarce oil. Screenwriter James McCausland drew heavily from his observations of the 1970s oil crisis’ for the film.

“By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate…that there won’t be any more crude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say, ‘Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say, ‘I am very sorry, there isn’t any.’” Kenneth Watt

In 1972, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and commissioned by the Club of Rome, the book ‘The Limits to Growth“, was presented at the St. Galen Symposium.  The book appeared to many readers at the time, to present time tables which indicated the finite nature of future resources, including oil. Critics and alarmist believed the tables suggested that the Earth would run out of oil in a mere 30-50 years. When the dates failed to materialize the doomed end game scenario, Eurocentric secularist stepped into the rescue, claiming that ‘Limits to Growth’  never mentions exact dates – the time tables were just simple guides. Art of omission alert – the fact that numerous other forms of media (including from oil groups) predicted that oil WOULD be scarce in 2000 is never mentioned by neo-rationalist or Club of Rome apologist. So while the dates are subject to debate, the book does predict the year 2072 for ‘high costing’ resources. In other words, by 2072 the price of oil is too high for any average consumer! However, the fears stoked via the media of the era,  already focused on presenting the false narrative of a 1970s Ice Age, were still being fanned by the 1980s.


According to the modern conception, fossil fuels are in short supply, they are limited to tangible figures of quantities in the Earth. Crude oil, it is suggested, is limited to around 3,400 billion barrels of both known and unknown reserves worldwide, this estimate according to the latest figures of several global oil groups. The figure of 3,400 billion barrels is the ‘highest’ version of these figures (best guess estimates), and most estimates are more dire. In 2005 it was claimed that the world had achieved ‘peak oil, a time when the production of oil is at an all time high, where it will remain steady, before taking a downhill curve, then face oil depletion and finally total oil exhaustion. Under this scenario oil is expected to reach worldwide depletion in the year 2040, where the price of oil will become expensive, followed by the near end of oil in the year 2066. That’s when oil gets REALLY expensive, and is seen as practically obsolete. THE END OF OIL.

“For example, to cite a figure from the 2015 edition of the highly respected annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy, the current best prediction from this very large industry player is that, at the end of 2014, the world had about 1,700 billion barrels of proven and recoverable oil reserves remaining — a supply that would last about 52.5 years at current consumption levels. Basic mathematics tells us that this means we have a proven oil supply until about 2066, and that in turn Peak Oil will become a very significant challenge many decades before that.” – Christopher Barnatt, Explaining The Future

In the video game series Fallout, after a breakdown of trade talks, and the US newly discovered reserves of crude oil, the Chinese invade Alaska in 2066 in pursuit of the last remaining oil reserves in the world.

The number 66 is covered on this blog in multiple sections. It is oft used for occult or ‘material gain’ purposes. There is even a prediction within the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth, found of course, on page 66.  

“Given present resource consumption rates and the projected increase in these rates, the great majority of the currently important nonrenewable resources will be extremely costly 100 years from now.” – Limits to Growth (1972)


Club of Rome Illuminati Limits To Growth


Crude oil is a liquid that is found trapped inside rock, or deep beneath the Earth’s crust. It is classified as a hydrocarbon, sometimes as a mixture of hydrocarbons. For nearly 200 years it has been a major fuel source around the globe. This oil, we are told, is running out and will be nearly gone by the year 2066. This is when the alarmist claim will be the end of civilization.

“We should therefore be paying far more attention to the inevitable reality that our first planet provides us with a finite supply of oil that cannot last forever.” – Christopher Barnatt, Explaining The Future

“You will never see cheap gasoline again. You will probably never see cheap energy again. Oil, natural gas and coal are set to peak and go into decline within the next decade, and no technology can change that.” – Forbes – The End of Fossil Fuel

A Club Of Rome = 666

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” – Paul Warburg

In April 1968 a group of economist and global heads of state met at the private Rockefeller estate in Bellagio, Italy under the guise of establishing world peace via ‘A Club Of Rome’. The club (COR) recommended dividing the world into ten political/economic regions to be controlled via a smaller group of world leaders. The goal of the COR was to aid in the rise of a single form of government, or New World Order (New Babylon), which would then share resources via an economic system (cash-less society) while maintaining a smaller and less combative population. In English Gematria ‘A Club of Rome’ equals 666.

“In 1968 the Club of Rome was established by the Italian Freemason Aurelio Peccei, at the Rockefellers private estate at Bellagio in Italy. One of the groups first major reports, entitled “Limits to Growth”, published in 1972, promulagted the notion that population reduction was vital to future economic “sustainability”. – Jack Colhoun

The Ten Kingdoms are ten regions placed in order by the United Nations and called ‘A Club of Rome’, “The Ten Kingdoms” include these:

1.)   The North American Union  (Not Yet Established)

2.)   The European Union

3.)   Japan

4.)   Australia/New Zealand

5.)   East European Union/ Russia

6.)   South America Union/Cuba

7.)   Middle East/Northern Africa

8.)   Africa

9.)   Asian Union/ India

10.)  China

“Ten world rulers, in confederation with Antichrist, the beast upon whom the woman sits, shall do exactly what the confederate armies under Sargon II did to Israel, what Nebuchadnezzar did to Judah, what the forces of Antiochus Epiphanes did to Palestine, and what Titus did to Jerusalem.” – Rev. Ted Pike

“… the Club has divided the world into ten political/economic regions, which it refers to as “kingdoms”. As the ten kingdoms/regions come together even more in preparation for the reign of the world ruler, we will see the regionalizing of money, then a globalization of monetary exchange or the “cashless society”. (Revelation 13) – Ministries Online.Org

“Throughout the world, the Club of Rome has indicated that genocide should be used to eliminate people who they refer to as “useless eaters.” This would be accomplished by using limited wars in advanced countries, and even a limited nuclear strike at a strategic location; as well as starvation through created famines and diseases in Third World countries.” – War On Satan Gematria Blog

Together these Kingdoms are what groups refer to as the NWO – New World Order.

We are told that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. The global use of fossil fuels has only happened in the past 200 years or so, the death of crude oil is fast approaching. By 2066 fossil fuels will be essentially gone.

So with fossil fuels out of the picture, we humans can move towards a life that utilizes other forms of energy than fossils. Great news! In what should be a time to rejoice, we are instead fed a false daily narrative of fear.

In order to control the population the hoax of all hoaxes was created. Global Warming, the great big lie.

“In searching for the new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.” – The Club of Rome (1993)

The idea that the final tiny remaining years of oil consumption will somehow destroy the planet is categorically false. The Earth has an ever-changing climate, which is natural and not controllable, much like the seasons, and in reality will go through numerous changes, featuring hot and cold periods over its next 7 billion years. Global Warming is a scare mongering technique to keep nations under the rule of the powerful elite, and NOTHING more.

Here Are Some Gematria Findings:

An Climategate = 666
A Global Warming + CIA = 888
Climate Changes Is A Scam = 1110
An Global Warming Scam = 1110
Global Warming Agendas = 1110

A Petro Oil = 666
Peak Oil An A Lie = 666
Scam Of Big Oil = 666
Scarce Oil Lie = 666

Renewable Fuels = 888
Gas + Oil – Renewable = 888
Oil Is Abiogenics = 888

Oil Returns = 906
Fossil Fuel A Lie = 906
Petroleum Lie = 906
Plentiful Oil = 906

Crude Oil Unlimit = 1110
Abiotic An A Renewed Oil = 1110
A Fossils Not Oil = 1110
A False Agendas of Peak Oil = 1110
A Endless Crude Oils = 1110

Year Of The Pig – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Year of Pig 2019 China

In the esoteric system of the Zodiac, the ‘pig’ represents the twelfth and last sign of the cycle. Every 12 years the pig returns, whose name corresponds to the word ‘Hai’. The cycle of the Zodiac is also based on the pattern of sixes, or hex-craft – The Sexagenary Cycle. The next “Year of the Pig” (豬年) occurs in 2019, followed by 2031, and 2043. In the flag of China there are 5 stars, there are also five types of symbolic pigs, named after the Chinese elements. In order, they are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

The Metal Pig – Xinhai
The Water Pig – Guihai
The Wood  Pig – Yihai
The Fire Pig  – Dinghai
The Earth Pig – Jihai

The five stars of the Chinese flag represent the four social classes of China, while the large star represents the Communist Party. China is represented on various maps of the world as the ‘pig’. The ‘guihai’ water pig is also a winter symbol associated to the cold.

Metal Pig Xinhai = 888
A Winters of Guihai = 1110
A Fire Pig Is Dinghai = 906
Dinghai of Fire = 666
A Jihai Is A Earth Pig = 906

Pigs In Space When Pigs Fly


‘When Pigs Fly’ – a figure of speech, the implication of such a phrase is that the circumstances in question (the adynaton) will never occur. The Muppets featured a parody of science fiction shows, such as Star Trek, with the ‘Pigs In Space’ skit. In a Star Wars themed episode, the Muppets encounter some of the characters of the Empire Strikes Back. At the closing of the skit, the crew comes together around a Disney style castle to sing “When You Wish Upon A Star“. This instance is referred to by theorist as an example of Predictive Programming in television. The Muppets property as well as that of Lucasfilm & Star Wars would later become owned by the Disney company, at the time this idea was thought of as an impossibility.

Pigs In Space Predictive Programming Disney Star Wars“Disney purchased the rights to The Muppets in 2004 and Star Wars in 2012. This episode that aired in 1980 foreshadowed that with its final number that has the characters sing one of Disney’s trademark songs “When You wish Upon A Star” with a castle behind them which are often combined to promote the company’s theme parks and media products.” – A Geek Daddy.com

Star Wars Pig = 906

Peg Cat Save The World Obelisk

PEG + CAT Save The World

In the PBS animated series, Peg + Cat, the main characters Peg and her talking Cat, use mathematics to solve issues. In an esoteric episode of the series titled Peg + Cat Save the World, the duo are called upon by a ‘female’ President of the United States (voiced by Sandra Oh), to prevent a global disaster. In the special the Earth is in danger of being struck by a large Pig in Space – acting as a meteor. The President has been having ‘visions’ of Washington D.C. being flattened by the “Pig”. The duo witness the President calm the nation in an inspiring speech of hope, however the President later admits her visions and fears to Peg. Peg assures the President that Washington D.C. will never be flattened and that if they work together with a global initiative they can prevent the ‘pig’ from hitting the US.  Peg contacts Egypt and utilizes pyramids and other objects, such as “Pizza”, and the Obelisk of Washington D.C., to catch the falling pig. The pig is a recurring theme of the series and is always shown with his favorite shape the triangle. The pig is usually silent, other than making singing sounds, voiced by Tommy Wazelle. In the episode the time of the impending crash is given at 12:18.

A Peg + A Cat = Esoteric = 888
A Peg + Cat Math An A PBS = 888
A Peg + A Cat Predict Comet = 1110

A Pig Of Pink Floyds = 1110

pink floyd animals

Pink Floyd Album “Animals” Features The Flying Pig Between Two Towers

Minecraft Pig Meteors

In the video game Minecraft, a mod allows for the creation of Pig Meteors, so that players of the game can erect cities and view the Pigs crashing.

I was able to find a few instances in Gematria which connect the theme of a ‘Pig-like’ or Pig looking comet to the Earth.

A Pig Rock And Earth = 906
Pig Comet And USA = 888
A Crashed Comet + A Pig = 888

A Pig + A Mountain + A Asteroid = 888 (Jewish)

A Pig Comet Hits Earth = 666 (Jewish)
Comet Comes = 666
December Comet = 666
A Pig Comet Hits USA = 1110
A Pig An Washington D.C = 1110

Pig An Strikes = 888
Comet Tail Of Pig = 906
Pig Space Comets = 906
Pig Comets In December = 1110
Space An A Pig Comet = 888
A Bitter Space Rocks = 1110
Space Rocket Pig = 888
A Space Comet Pig + Earth = 1110

Guihai Comet = 666
A Guihai Comes = 666
Star of Pig = 666
A Stone And Guihai = 888

In popular culture we have a recurring theme going: Pigs In Space, Pigs Flying, Pigs As Falling Objects. We know of certain comets that have tails, we know of certain asteroids that have resembled animals. In terms of symbolism, are we looking at another example of foreshadowing?

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Star Trek Discovery – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Star Trek Discovery Illuminati


This page is still in process of being uploaded. Details about the new series and a study of the symbolism and allegories contained in the series are on the way.

Why Are There No Muslims In Star Trek WWIII


In the Star Trek universe, World War III begins in 2049, eventually resulting in the total destruction of the Arab world, an event that is only alluded to and never shown in any episode of Star Trek. World War III takes place on May 1, 2053 when a massive nuclear attack is carried out via the Eastern Coalition (“ECON”) against the USA and the European Union. In retaliation the US and EU launch nukes against their enemies, including China, North Korea, and the Arab nations.

“In 1996, this event received a Trekker’s Choice Award for the ‘Oft Heard but Never Seen’ Award, as being “the favorite historical moment only alluded to in Star Trek.” – Memory Beta Wikia


Creative Force Behind Star Trek 2

Star Trek Discovery Writers & Producers


The so-called ‘enemies’ of the modern Western world are the same figures depopulated in the fictional Star Trek universe. Here the producers/writers of Star Trek have decided to commit a fictional genocide against races they deemed would not fit in with their Eurocentric worldview of a peaceful near-utopian future. The future in Trek, is one that has no place for races such as Mexicans, Arabs, or Ashkenazi Jews.

Khan Noonien Singh From Indian To White

The nuclear holocaust of Star Trek mythology is a convenient way for a group of predominantly White writers to engage in ‘fictional’ ethnic cleansing. There is no need to cast non-American or non-British actors for Federation Roles, because the Federation lives on in a ‘better’ future without various human races to fill those roles.

In Star Trek mythology, the character of Khan Noonien Singh is written as an Indian, but in the Star Trek TOS episode “Space Seed”, Khan is played by actor Ricardo Montalban.  In 2013, Eurocentric producers reintroduced Khan in the Star Trek reboot Into Darkness, this time played by British actor Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch.